Digital design & verification services


Our development capabilities extend through all the phases of a product from hardware design to embedded applications. Years of experience working on projects across different industry segments (communications, measurement, automotive,...) have enabled us to become a unique solution provider at any given step of a products lifecycle.

Our technical key competences, capabilities and product development/product testing methodologies and tools help our customers to mitigate risks, ensure higher quality and faster time-to-market while holding R&D costs within budget.

We have demonstrated skills in leading development from concept through to production. We understand the relationship between specification and implementation and we are very competent to partition designs and make the necessary trade-offs for undisputed performance and functional flexibility.

We have executed projects in the areas of ARM based embedded systems, Automotive SOCs, etc... We have proven expertize in Xilinx and Altera design flows.

Design services

front-end / back-end

  • Concept studies
  • System level/block level modelling
  • RTL coding in VHDL / Verilog
  • IP design
  • Verification IP design
  • IP Integration
  • Simulation
  • Synthesis
  • Mapping
  • Placinge & Routing
  • Bit stream generation

Verification services

Unit / Module / System level

  • Building verification plans and strategies
  • Functional verification
  • Methodology: OVM, UVM, VVM
  • Test bench architecturing using HDL, C and Scripting languages
  • Verification of ASICs/SOCs
  • Exhaustive test cases, checkers, monitors
  • Reusable verification IP development
  • Migration of verification enviroment to new methodologies
  • FPGA Emulation
  • Verification using FPGA platforms (prototyping on FPGA – debugging, bug fix testing)

Validation services

Pre-silicon / post-silicon

  • Firmware/Software/Hardware simulation on FPGA
  • Software and drivers validation
  • Tools: Xilinx, Altera
  • Chip bring up
  • Board design & Validation
  • Reference board development
  • Test plan development
  • Test automation plan
  • Software based system testing