About us:

The company was founded by M.Sc. Matej Užmah Koncilja in 2015. We specialize in all aspects of a products life cycle. We design, we verify, we validate. We build prototypes, we build verification and validation tools. We leverage a layered approach to hardware accelerated verification tasks using advanced FPGA based processing platforms to deliver cost-effective verification and validation solutions, which enable us to effectively hunt down and eliminate most of the bugs during the prototyping stage of the product lifecycle.

What we stand for:

"Straight forward thinking" encompasses our workflow ethic, from concept, rtl design through to the final delivered product. Keeping things functional, simple to use and reliable. The art of good product design is measured in the performance.

Our mission:

We evaluate, design and deliver perfect solutions at every stage of a product's life cycle. We solve technical problems with innovative ideas to make the product better in every aspect. We think, we innovate, we excel. It is in our DNA.

Our vision:

We will continue delivering high-quality cost-effective products and services in the areas of digital design, verification and validation, contributing to designing a better product and verifying and validating a product better, faster and more thoroughly. Yours and ours.